What We Demonstrate Here

Our approach to the computer Free and Easy Natural Language understanding enables the computer to maintain dialogs with users on a wide variety of subjects. Those dialogs can be as long as required, in the process detecting tasks posed by the user and solving them. Such tasks can be explicitly stated or even implied, and they can be much more complex than simple database searches. Thus, our approach performs pretty much human level intellectual work for the users. At the same time, we have created several simplified versions of our system for specific practical applications such as oil products transportation, Space ships characteristics, and Car rental reservations. For this Demo we chose the latter application as simple and familiar to wide groups of people.

Our system is intended for both keyboard and oral-speech modes of addressing a computer. The works on the oral speech mode, based on our new patented speech recognition technology, are now in the final stage. However, since the function of understanding itself does not depend on whether the address is spoken or typed, this Internet-based Demo is designed for the keyboard input.

For the Demo, please click here.