About Us

Fain Systems, Inc. is a small company established in 2001 with the purpose of creating essentially new original software products for diverse computer-connected applications. Our interests are mostly centered around human-to-computer interfaces both in acoustical (lingual) and visual areas such as computer perception and understanding of spoken English or particularly reliable finger or palm prints identification. In our works on the problem of speech comprehension reflected on this website, we have used a new, completely original approach, which allowed us to achieve two major results:

1) To create the first known program for understanding free and easy natural language addresses with very high correctness probability, and 2) To create a program able to essentially increase the correctness of word recognition in common continuous oral speech both for the word recognition engine of our own design and for any such engine on the market.

Our scientific and technological leader is Prof. Vitaliy Fain, Dr. Sci, Ph.D. He is author of five scientific books in applied math, more than 100 scientific journal articles and 10 patents. Prof. Fain is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Technological Officer of our company.

The company received early investment from Mr. Will Graylin, who acts as a business adviser to the company.