Thank you to our visitors!

When we started this web site with the interactive Demo years ago, we asked the visitors to test the Demo with the kind of conversations that would be too difficult or complicated to be understood by computers while still being perfectly understandable for a human being.
We have received hundreds of such responses, and this helped us immensely in perfecting the performance of our system.
We want to express our deepest gratitude to these visitors.










Our Field

Initially, man-to-computer communications were based on special computer codes, so only professionals could do that.

Then the Menu idea was introduced: The computer gives the user a choice of several actions at each step, and the user just selects the pertinent item. This approach was a great leap forward, since the user did not have to be a computer professional any more. Because of that, menu-based (mostly windows-based) software became extremely widespread.

And yet… With the Menu approach we were still too far from our ultimate goal: To be able to communicate with a computer, our electronic assistant, just as we do with our human assistants.

We want to be able to just tell the computer what we want in whatever words we choose, not having to wait for its prompts and instructions, and not depending on our ability to understand them and make correct choices.

That had determined our area of work.