Our Mission:

Creation of the most user-friendly Natural Language Man-to-Computer communication technology

It is generally understood that the most user-friendly way to use the natural language in man-to-computer dialogs is to provide the computer with the ability to understand the user's Free and Easy natural language addresses. “Free and Easy” here means the complete absence of any instructions or/and limitations on how the user should express his/her thoughts, or on what kind of phrasing and wording he/she should or should not use.

There were innumerable attempts made in many countries to reach this goal. Our reference search showed, however, that they had always boiled down to the imposition of some explicit or hidden limitations on the way the user should address the computer in order to be understood.

This seems to make our new technology THE FIRST AND ONLY ONE able to successfully understand really Free and Easy language of common people. The Demo version of our system presented here can, for example, correctly interpret and respond to such monstrous addresses as

“I would really like to rent a Taurus today but if you don't have it I'll take a Corolla or something larger except a Camry, Oh, yes, and I'll bring it back in two weeks”

This achievement became possible thanks to the breakthrough (patent pending) approach to the problem created by our scientific and technological leader Prof. Vitaliy Fain.